It started with a kiss & beseeching puppy eyes.....


That was all it took & I had adopted another Saluki whom I named “Asal”.  Beautiful, temperamental & fast (Asal, not me) she was a liability in open spaces. With no safe place to allow this super speedy Saluki to run freely, the seeds for creating Dubai’s first outdoor dog park began to germinate. Fast forward 18 months and BarkPark was born!


Meet The Pack


Asal (AKA The Inventor)

She was my inspiration and we all owe our thanks to this precocious princess. If she’d been well behaved I may never have been inspired to create BarkPark, (they do say that necessity is the mother of invention.)

Ramadi (AKA The Foster Fail)

Ramadi was only supposed to be passing through but he stole our hearts with his gentleness and ability to forgive & forget.

Sarhan (AKA Mr Sensitive)

Sensitive & sensible Sarhan is a Saluki with a multitude of allergies. My quest to alleviate Sarhan’s discomfort led me to learn about the benefits of raw feeding of which I am a strong advocate.

Cora (AKA The Golden Oldie)

In loving memory of Cora, who lived until 17 years old and was the epitome of Golden Retriever - friendly, beautiful and mellow.

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