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Having space to run, play and socialise with other dogs is an essential component for a healthy and happy dog – both physically & emotionally.

Situated on a traditional Emirati farm in Al Awir, BarkPark Dubai offers acres that are clean, safe & fully enclosed for you to socialize and for your dogs to exercise, train, play, swim and enjoy being off the lead.
With a large & chlorine free swimming pond in our large dog area and smaller cool down pools for our small dogs, drinking water, fun agility equipment, shading, and a retail shop, BarkPark Dubai is a great place for you & your dogs.


Please note we have segregated areas for small (up to 12 kg) and for large dogs.

All dogs must have current vaccinations – Rabies & DHPPL (Kennel cough is not essential), be micro-chipped & if from Dubai, registered with the Dubai Municipality. In addition to being fully vaccinated dogs must also have had an additional antibody Titer Test (Vaccicheck) in the last 12 months showing that the dog has sufficient protection against Parvovirus (CPV), Distemper Virus (CDV) and Infectious Hepatitis Virus (ICH). We have introduced this policy due to the frequent outbreaks of these diseases throughout the UAE even in fully vaccinated dogs. The Titer Test adds an additional level of bio security and provides peace of mind to owners and to us.

Please bring your dog’s vaccination booklet, Titer Test certificate and your personal Emirates ID as these will be checked prior to entry. Do check out our rules & petiquette guidelines to find out more.​

We offer BarkPark Dubai facilities to several rescue organizations and regularly host events with proceeds going towards helping animals in need.

We are fully licensed by the Department of Economic Development Dubai, Dubai Municipality and the Ministry Of Climate Change And Environment (MOCCAE)




It started with a kiss & beseeching puppy eyes…..
That was all it took & I had adopted another Saluki whom I named “Asal”. Beautiful, temperamental & fast (Asal, not me) she was a liability in open spaces. With no safe place to allow this super speedy Saluki to run freely, the seeds for creating Dubai’s first outdoor dog park began to germinate. Fast forward 18 months and BarkPark was born!

In mid 2020 we launched ‘Boarding@BarkPark Dubai’ offering home style boarding for dogs and for cats.

– Jan, Owner, Manager & lover of all animals especially dragonflies – BarkPark Dubai.



The Inventor

She was my inspiration and we all owe our thanks to this precocious princess. If she’d been well behaved I may never have been inspired to create BarkPark, (they do say that necessity is the mother of invention.)


Mr Sensitive

Sensitive & sensible Sarhan is a Saluki with a multitude of allergies. My quest to alleviate Sarhan’s discomfort led me to learn about the benefits of raw feeding of which I am a strong advocate.


The Afghaluki

Ramadi was found in a terrible state and had almost given up on life. He came to me as a foster from Saluki Rescue Arabia. Ramadi blossomed from a shy, frightened dog into the wonderful, happy, exuberant hound. I did his DNA test and it came back as 50% Saluki & 50% Afghan Hound. So he’s known as an Afghaluki’


The K9 Kitchen actual product. No Photoshop.
Raw Meaty Bones. 


Food is love 
Indeed the journey that led to the creation of The K9 Kitchen was motivated by love.
Show your dog how much you love them by providing them the best diet to support ultimate health. A diet where nutrition enables your pets to thrive.


The K9 Kitchen actual product. No Photoshop

 Super Paws. Green Veggie Mix 

Screenshot 2021-10-31 at 12.42_edited.jpg


From Park to Packaging 

We are as passionate about the environment as we are about the health of our dogs.

We love our green spaces. Our team understand the importance of balancing the need to effectively manage harmful weeds and pests in our park, our mandate is to protect and conserve the valuable natural landscape. We are committed to pesticide-free, herbicide-free and organic practices to keep our beautiful desert grounds at BarkPark Dubai a healthy place for you and your dogs.


Located in the large dog park you will find a chlorine free swimming pond. We also have smaller cool down pools in our small dog area and drinking water bowls throughout our outdoor space. For all of our bodies of water we chose a natural and non-toxic method of disinfection using ANOSAN TW. It is PH-neutral, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-irritant, free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes & scent. It is safe to drink and an environmentally superior to alternative toxic chemicals.



Over in The K9 kitchen, we are proud to be the first company in the UAE to bring compostable containers to the pet food industry. Our meals for dogs are packed in the BIOPAPÒ system of patented biodegradable & compostable containers which are heat sealed for freshness with compostable BIOPAPÒ sealing film.

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