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BarkPark Dubai offers bespoke cat boarding facilities for both short-term and long-term stays. ‘Boarding at BarkPark’ has been created to make the experience as pleasant and stress free as possible. We have deliberately kept our boarding capacity small to avoid the feeling of overcrowding which pets find very stressful. 

With 7 full height chalets condos we are small on capacity and big on space! Our cat condos each have their own window so cats can always see outside and a large cat tree, toys, beds, a litter box station and a feeding area too.  We have an enclosed cat lounge so all our boarders get lots of time out of their condos and have lots of human interaction, play & cuddles during their stay with us. We have staff on duty 24/7.  

Boarding doesn’t get better than this!

AED 80.00 (exc VAT) per cat per night, 20% discount for additional family cats sharing a condo with a maximum of three cats in one condo. 

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