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BarkPark Dubai introduces Dubai’s first self-service dog wash ‘BarkPark Bubbles’.   We supply all that you need for an effective do-it-yourself dog bath. Wash includes: tub time, shampoo, massage brush, full-size absorbent towel, & professional hair dryer.

We also offer specialty items such as sensitive skin shampoo, whitening shampoo, conditioner etc. for an additional charge. These are available in reception.

Our tub is designed so you don’t have to stoop or kneel and provides easy access to your dog. Here’s how:

·        Built-in restraints keep your dog safely in the tub and should always be used

·        A ramp is built into the tub, so you don’t have to lift your pooch

·        A handheld sprayer is easily operated with just a squeeze of a trigger

​After you have thoroughly rinsed your dog, we provide a full-sized towel and a professional grooming dryer. These dryers are designed so they do not overheat your dog and the forced air will help blow out the rest of the loose fur from your dog’s coat.

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