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Our aim is that every dog & their handler enjoy BarkPark Dubai. As such we ask all visitors to be considerate of other BarkPark Dubai users and to be aware of their own dog(s) behaviour and to intervene when necessary. We have developed the following Rules and Petiquette Guidelines to assist us in achieving this.

Any person entering BarkPark Dubai acknowledges the risks and dangers inherent within dog parks and assumes the risk of injury to themselves and their dogs. You are completely responsible for all injuries and damage caused by your dog.

Owners must complete a Registration Form and provide proof of their dog(s) vaccinations and ownership before entering BarkPark Dubai.

Dogs must be six (6) months of age or older, be microchipped and current on annual vaccinations (Rabies & DHPPL). First vaccinations including boosters must have been completed a minimum of 21 days prior to entry to BarkPark Dubai. For annual boosters please wait at least 72 hours before bringing your dog to BarkPark Dubai. In addition to being fully vaccinated dogs must also have had an additional antibody Titer Test (Vaccicheck) in the last 12 months showing that the dog has sufficient protection against Parvovirus (CPV), Distemper Virus (CDV) and Infectious Hepatitis Virus (ICH). We have introduced this policy due to the frequent outbreaks of these diseases throughout the UAE even in fully vaccinated dogs. The Titer Test adds an additional level of bio security and provides peace of mind to owners and to us.

Dogs must have identification, be healthy (no contagious conditions), and parasite free.

Small dogs (12kg & less &/or under 38cm at the shoulder) must use the designated Small Dog Area.

Medium & Large dogs (above 38cm at the shoulder) must use the designated Large Dog Area.

A maximum of 3 dogs per handler, per visit, are permitted in BarkPark Dubai at a time.

Dogs must be leashed in the car park and reception areas and until safely inside the double gated entrance/exit area. Please leash upon exiting, again in the double gated area.

Ensure gates are closed after entry/exit.

Dogs must be accompanied at all times by a person 18 years or older – always keep an eye on, and voice control of, your dog, to prevent any trouble.

Aggressive dogs are not allowed in BarkPark Dubai. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviour are to be IMMEDIATELY removed from the park. An aggressive dog is defined as any dog that is determined by BarkPark Dubai to pose a threat to dogs or people by virtue of a single incident or history of acts of aggression against people or animals.

Pick up the poop! If your dog poops, you must immediately remove the excrement, bag it & bin it.

Children are not allowed in BarkPark Dubai. (except during specific family-friendly events where children 5yo and above may be granted conditional entry)

Leash your dog whenever you sense problems.

Do not allow your dog to dig holes; if they do fill in the hole immediately.

In the event of dog bite or injury, the owners/guardians must exchange current tag information and phone numbers.

For the safety of your dog(s) and other park visitors, choke, prong (pinch), spike and shock collars are strictly prohibited. If you use these types of collars, remove them before entering the park.

Female dogs in heat are prohibited from entering the park.

While bite-size training treats are permitted for training purposes, human food, glass containers, food bowls, and long-lasting chews are not permitted in the park. Note that treats can be a trigger to some dogs and if there is any conflict please do not give treats. 

Toys and balls can be thrown only if they are not causing competition with the other dogs in the park.

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