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Real health starts with real food!

Just like with humans, there is a health crisis within our pet population. The leading causes of death in dogs are Cancer, followed by Diabetes, Kidney Disease then Heart Disease. Sadly, many of these ailments are directly attributed to the highly processed and unhealthy dog food sold as dried kibble and canned dog food.

As pet owners start to understand the link between these highly processed unhealthy foods and the resulting poor health in their pets (just as health professionals are showing their human patients this link in the human food chain) they are changing their buying habits – moving away from highly processed canned food & dry pelleted kibble food to more natural, higher quality and less processed foods.

In the quest for optimal health for our dogs, an increasingly popular approach is raw feeding. Raw feeding is a diet that taps into the innate nature of dogs. By providing them with a diet mirroring their wild ancestors, we unlock a myriad of benefits that revolutionise their well-being. Let’s explore why feeding a nutritionally complete raw diet is more than just a choice – it’s a compelling pathway to unleash your dog’s true health potential.

a) Unmatched Nutritional Prowess

Raw feeding unlocks a powerhouse of nutritional benefits for dogs.

Nutritionally complete raw diets provide a rich source of bioavailable nutrients, including essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. By nourishing dogs with nature’s bounty of raw meat, organs and bones we provide a superior foundation for their health, vitality and longevity.

b) Thriving Digestive health

Raw feeding works in harmony with a dog’s digestive system, promoting optimal health. Dogs possess enzymes specifically designed to digest raw food efficiently. By embracing a raw diet, we reduce the burden o their digestive system and enhance nutrient absorption. The high moisture content in raw food aids in hydration and prevents digestive issues enabling dogs to thrive from the inside out. Say goodbye to food sensitivities and troublesome tummy woes.

c) Radiant Skin & Coat

Raw feeding provides an abundance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, essential for nourishing the skin and combating dryness, itchiness and hot-spots. The natural oils found in nutritionally complete raw food yield a stunningly vibrant glossy coat.

d) Dental Excellence

Gnawing on raw meaty bones acts as nature’s toothbrush, naturally scraping away plaque and tartar build-up. This invaluable dental care helps prevent gum disease, tooth loss and the potential for dangerous bacterial infections.

e) Unleash Vitality & Optimal Weight

Free from fillers and unnecessary carbohydrates, a nutritionally complete raw diet enables dogs to maintain a healthy weight effortlessly. The high-quality proteins and natural fats found in raw food fuel their bodies, enhance energy levels and promote lean muscle development.

Raw feeding is not just a passing trend – it’s a captivating journey that unlocks the true health potential of our dogs. From unmatched nutritional benefits and digestive harmony to radiant skin, exceptional dental health and boundless vitality, raw feeding redefines what it means to thrive.

At The K9 Kitchen our Complete Meals are clinically formulated, veterinary approved, nutritionally dense and nutritionally complete, and packed in compostable packaging.

Why not join us – Raw done Right

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